1969 Roadrunner

1969 Black Roadrunner

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1969 roadrunner for sale
1969 roadrunner for sale www.showdownauto.com

1969 Plymouth Road Runner 383 hardtop
1969 Plymouth Road Runner hardtop black on black. 383 cu in. 6.3 Liter 425 ft/lb torque. 335 BHP.3 speed TorqueFlite transmission http://dustycars.com/

1969 Road Runner
A 1969 Road Runner I found at The Main Street Cruise In Cleveland Tennessee..A very nice Car...check it out!!

1969 A12 Road Runner
Here's a short video Martin Jnr shot back in August of one of our customer's cars - a 1969 A12 Road Runner. First appearing in February 1969 and produced for only 3 months (hence the 1969½ designation) the A12 Road Runner included the 440 ci engine, Edelbrock manifold and three Holley carburettors, a distinctive lift-off fibreglass hood and bare H-series steel wheels, among other improvements. This particular car was built around the end of April 1969 and is one of 615 A12 Road Runner American shipments, comprising 388 manuals and 227 automatics. Fitted with a column shift, automatic gearbox and a split bench front seat, this car has a matching numbers engine and the original factory wheels. The car also has a broadcast sheet decoded by Galen Govier in 2002 identifying it as #45 in a sequence of 151. The paint colour (code B7, Jamaican Blue) is very unusual and currently only 5 other A12 Road Runners are known with this paint colour.