Dodge Viper ACR-X Track and Dyno Test

Dyno testing the new Viper ACR-X's V-10 engine. Get the story at

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Dodge Viper ACR-X in Production
Factory footage and sound bites from Dodge Viper production facility.

Viper ACR-X racing with David McNiel's full race prep ACR
A day at the track with David McNiel of EMS Racing and the new Dodge Viper ACR-X.... This was taken at MotorSports Ranch Cresson TX February 2010. Dodge brought out the ACR-X for testing and display at the Viper Day's event... I had an opportunity to run with the car in one of the sessions.

700whp Dodge Viper TA goes 160mph at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack June 2016
We made the long trip out to Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack this past weekend and boy are we glad that we did! Our buddy's Viper TA is producing 700whp with a custom heads/cam package from A&C Performance ( ) and we wanted to see what it could do!! This Viper ran 160mph in the standing 1/2 mile which is insane, considering we were above 5,500 feet above sea level!! The sound of a cammed V10 is glorious, so make sure to turn that volume up! WashMist Wash Kit: Heads/Cam Package: Tuned by Karger: Event:

First Production Dodge Viper ACR-X On The Dyno
Behind the scenes look at the first production Viper ACR-X on the assembly line Dyno. Go to for more behind the scenes images from the Conner Ave Viper Assembly plant