David Yurman Fall 2012 Campaign

Revealing David Yurman's Fall 2012 campaign video, featuring Gisele Bündchen.

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David Yurman, Fall/Winter 2011
The energy of New York City, evidenced in the American artist's newest jewelry collection

The David Yurman Starburst Collection
Shop the Starburst collection: http://bit.ly/13V0JXP Fireworks over Paris inspired David Yurman to create the Starburst collection for Sybil — his wife, co-collaborator, and mother of their son, Evan. Now debuting in sterling silver, it is a captivating gift for Mother's Day.

David Yurman Fall 2013: An Artists' Collaboration
For 12 years, David Yurman has collaborated with celebrated photographer Peter Lindbergh to create some of fashion's most memorable images. Here, he describes the power of their connection and the inspiration behind the fall 2013 campaign, Beauty In Contrast. Shop the fall looks: davidyurman.com

The David Yurman Meteorite Collection
Shop the collection: http://bit.ly/174SpkS David Yurman dares to use a stone that is truly out of this world: 4-billion-year-old Gibeon Meteorite. It fell in Namibia in prehistoric times, but its first recorded discovery was in 1836. This remarkable stone features crystals of iron and nickel that give it its distinctive patterns. To know that it is some of the oldest material known to mankind is truly astonishing. To wear it is to carry a piece of the heaven with you.