Supra vs SRT Challenger

Supra vs SRT Challenger

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900hp Supra vs 900hp Hellcat
920rwhp MK3 Supra vs Full Bolt on 900+ HP Challenger Hellcat Subscribe ✔ Like Us On Facebook 👍 Follow Us On Instagram 📷 BAR 🏁

Scary Fast Supra - Uncontrollable - TX2K12
It takes some balls to keep driving this car the way it's all over the track. I also wouldn't want to be the guy next to him. This Supra was fast, but it gave you anxiety every time it made a pass. Check out HTC Facebook HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page:

800whp+ HellCat Challenger VS 700whp+ Supra, Nitrous Corvette and more!

Twin Turbo Challenger vs Supra
Orlando SpeedWorld 5/15/13. Treed the turbo/Nitrous Supra for the win!