faster than you think

v6 proton perdana 2004 model 0 - 100kms. standard spec

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Perdana V6 high speed meter,but P!!!!???
haha........look at the shifting light.......lolz.....

Perdana executive top speed
Saja test test.hehehe dari saya ///ppc1658 layan la pada 720P memang best dan sangat jelas.di rakam menggunakan telefon Iphone 5

Proton Perdana V6 Top Speed
stock perdana V6 testing camera mount and testing this stock v6 * my BMW E34 is way much better in handling, torque and inline 6 is a kicker Malaysian is full of bashers and like to utter foul words.99% comments on this video is bashing I'm holier than thou attitude

Wira GSR vs Perdana V6
Wira GSR 1.8 Vs Perdana V6