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v6 proton perdana 2004 model 0 - 100kms. standard spec

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Malayan WW2 Bunker with Heavy Battle Damage Kota Tinggi Part 2/3
This is the external view of the bunker seen in Part 1. This is part of the Johore defense Line built by the British in WW2. One of the regiments manning these bunkers were the British Marines.

Malayan WW2 Bunker with heavy Battle Damage Kota Tinggi vid 1/3
This is one of four bunkers protecting the main Kuantan to Johor Bahru road. Two of these bunkers have been blasted with armour piercing rounds and small arms fire. the other two bunkers had very little damage, maybe the occupants took a hint from seeing their colleagues wiped out by the armour piercing shots which penetrated 0.5m (2feet) of reinforced concrete!

perdana v6 oren budak qpx 220 km/h!!!
v6 paling power..bwk dtg tgk main,,N/A tau...hehe..

Nissan bluebird vs Proton Perdana Evo 3
LATAR Highway