STOCK ECU - 4 passengers

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EK b16a2 Top Speed
Miami VTEC VTI Engine : DC Sport 4-1 Ceramic Headers Walbro 255 lb. Fuel Pump Buddy Club 0.4 mm Head Gasket Exedy Organic Clutch Exedy Light FlyWheel Custom Short Ram Filter Kit Aem DryFlow Air Filter NGK B16 Spark Jackson Racing Spark Plugs Custom 60 mm Exhaust Pipe MeganRacing M-Spec II Carbon Muffler 60 / 100 mm

B16A2 top speed
Honda civic VTi top speed! Stock ECU.. off the clock :P For all of you who say this is fake check my other vid: Civic VTi EG9 top speed THIS IS NOT FAKE!! just a normal b16 top speed 30000 views THANK YOU HATERS :)

Civic VTi B16a Turbo 0-240kmh 7.5psi-248whp
Civic VTi B16a turbocharged @ 7.5psi (0.5bar) with Stock block Internals, Skunk2 Valve Train, Check Engine as Shift Light and using Yokohama Advan A048r 195/55/15 tires 7.5psi-248whp

1992 Civic Si-R Ferio (B16A2)- VTEC kicking and topspeed 4th
This is MY B16A2 , VTEC kick in 2nd - 3dr and 4th , going to top speed in 4th . The road was WET .