The 2008 Modified Mag "Ultimate Altima"

This is a 2008 Nissan Altima built by Powell Customs for Brian Fox. We made the first body kit for the '08 Altima which is now available on

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James's Bagged Nissan Altima | CANIBAG | V.1
**********************************************READ BELOW******************************************** THIS VIDEO (WAS) BLOCKED IN THE USA, A NEW ONE WITH A NEW SONG WAS RELEASED. I AM NOT CLAIMING ANY RIGHT FOR THESE SONGS. ORIGINAL OWNERS ARE IN CREDITS This is my second video. Hope you Enjoy! Instagram: @thehoughaboom

Altima Coupe NISMO Exhaust (rev,drive by,take off)
I drove around with a funny mask on and filmed a few Exhaust clips. Rev, take-off, drive by. NISSAN ALTIMA COUPE SUPERCHARGED REVIEW HID LIGHTS 20 INCH RIMS WHEELS SEMA SHOW
Nissan Altima Coupe 2010 20 inch wheels Sema Show 2010. Vehicle customized by We provide 17 INCH 18 INCH 19 INCH 20 INCH 21 INCH 22 INCH 24 INCH 26 INCH 28 INCH 30 INCH AND 32 INCH WHEELS and tires. We have expertise on all fitments and if we do not know it we will find out the correct answer. Visit our website or simply give us a call at 877-544-8473 for all your wheel and tire packages.

altima coupe 08
altima white and red