Gunter's Road America Crash On Board

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CCR Ferrari Challenge Crash At Road America 2015
Great battle between a Ferrari 458 and Ferrari 430 leads to an unfortunate crash at Round 4 of the CCR Forza Tifosi Challenge at Road America. The Ferrari 458 goes airborne for over 400 feet at 150+ mph. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt and walked away with minor injuries.

2011 Grand-Am at Road America Gunter Schaldach Joe Foster HUGE crash
Gunter Schaldach's Camaro colides with Joe Foster resulting in a massive crash.

Champ Car Road America 2006 - Kathrine Legge horrific crash
Kathrine Legge, lady in Pink has a devistating crash at the fastest part of the course at 180mph going through a kink leading to the back stretch. She was very luck to be alive.

RoadAmerica2011 Schaldach Huge Crash Over Fence darcyf1
Gunter Schaldach has a massive crash at Road America