BMW E46 - 318d - HowTo reset Oilservice Information - Ölservice Zähler zurücksetzen

This video shows you how to reset the counter that displays the information about the oilservice. The Car is a BMW E46 Facelift 318d, it was built in 2002. In diesem Video wird beschrieben wie man den Zähler zurücksetzt, der die Informationen über ein Service anzeigt. Es handelt sich hier um einen BMW E46 Facelift, 318d Bj. 2002. Es hat auch bei einem Vor-Facelift Modell funktioniert.

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If it comes on yellow when the car is turned off - you are low on oil and should check the oil level and add oil if needed when you can, like at the next fuel up. If it comes on yellow while driving- you are at the min oil level and need to check the oil level and add oil within 30 miles. If it comes on yellow after the car is started and the oil level is correct - your sensor is out and needs to be replaced. It can come on yellow and gone after some time (minutes). If it comes on red - stop now! Your oil pressure is below minimum.

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A built-in BMW, self diagnostic code gives the benefit of troubleshooting a failure car component, the method to retrieve the faulty codes after Check Engine light turns on. This method helps car lovers to pin point the problem and replace the defecting component quickly and cost effectively. It works on models that have same instruments and LED's layout. Below here is the code table to interpret the meaning: g.htm