Aussie Muscle diecast collection

My diorama of Aussie Muscle cars and fast women, the theme is mostly orange.

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Jim's Collection - 60 years of Diecast Cars and Trucks - Part I
Meet my neighbor, Jim. He is a man just like me, only he was born 60 years earlier and lived a life full of experiences not many are still around to tell about, let alone with a mind just as sharp as it was when he entered the Second World War in 1945 as a young man. Jim and I live across the street from one another, and have for many years. In all this time and through our friendship it has been one of my greatest desires to film him with his immense collection of vintage diecast toys, most of which he collected decades ago and lovingly displays in his basement, just as I do. Jim is a wonderful man, with a heart bigger then an elephants, and full of memories and stories that could fill thousands of pages in a fine print book. Jim is 91 years old, lives on his own, has outlived the only two women he has ever loved in his life, and drives his Buick daily to visit his many close children. If you like this video, please, leave a personal message for Jim, as I will be sharing them with him, although presently he is not very familiar with the internet, let alone YouTube. He does look forward to the messages that I have told him he will receive from around the world from my many, wonderful, like-minded viewers, so let's make that come true! Thank you all. O-Dawg

Diorama Garage
Diorama wykonana własnoręcznie w skali 1/24. Figurki i narzędzia firmy Fuji są klejone i malowane ręcznie farbami Tamiya. Praca nad projektem trwała około 3 lat, oczywiście nie cały czas. Mam nadzieję, że się Wam podoba :). Personally made ​​diorama in 1 / 24. Figures and tools from Fuji are glued and hand-painted with Tamiya paints. Work on the project took about 3 years, of course, not all the time. I hope you like it is:)

1/18 Scale Diorama items By A608
1/18 Scale Diorama Shop or Garage Work Bench's and Parts Counter's For Sale.All Hand Made..

Muscle Car Collection 1/18 and 1/24 Scale Diecast
Half of my collection of American Muscle Cars from 1966 to 1971