My E60 M5 with muffler delete

Was going to install Cherry Bomb mufflers on. Wanted to go with Cherry Bomb like I did on my previous 545i. But it wouldn't fit with the tips I want. So I opted for the muffler delete.

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BMW M5 E60 Muffler Delete only
BMW M5 E60 Muffler delete. Before and after, raving and burnout Best sounding BMW M5 ever!!! I only removed the 4 mufflers left the Cat's and resonator as is. No drone when driving the car at all, when driving slow you nearly notice the Exhaust but when hitting it it turns in to an absolute racing monster.

The Speemer M5 with X pipes and Section 3
Somewhere in mexico

BMW/// M5 V10 Roaring w/ Muffler Delete
This E60 M5 w/SMG Trans just roars its way on the streets. This cars powerful v10 engine no only makes amazing power but sounds incredible. Bmw did a great job with the e60's in my opinion. Check us out on Facebook : Check out our Instagram @a_n_aphotography Muisc/Beats all bought and downloaded at : Follow on twitter @RaeshadJones Check out his beats on youtube aswell :

BMW M5 INSANE Sound!!! Huge Accelerations and Revs!!!
Like me on Facebook! This is the best M5 I've ever seen, let alone recorded on camera. As the owner calls it, "Gunther," has some ridiculous modifications, many done to the engine, many done to the interior (racing seats, half roll cage, etc.), but the best mod was the Exhaust. The sound that goes with this car makes it seem so pissed off and angry. Awesome car, enjoy the video. Please remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks for watching!!!