BMW E39 M5 Eisenmann Race Exhaust 4x76mm

BMW E39 M5 Eisenmann Race 4x76mm Tips Stock resonator.

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Living with an E39 BMW M5 everyday: The Insane Exhaust Note We present the second video of the series - Living with an E39 BMW M5 everyday: The Insane Exhaust Note. As I mentioned in my previous video, the engine is one of the best attributes of the M5. But what’s the point of having a big engine without a beautiful sound to accompany it. For 2.5 years I kept my BMW M5 completely stock aside from some interior upgrades. Last month I decided to take the mufflers off. The car sounded great before, it was just a little too quite for my taste. Here’s a clip of the stock sound. But now when I get into the car I roll the windows down, and smile every time I mash the gas. From people screaming expletives out of excitement to making myself giggle, the sound of the E39 M5, makes driving this car on a daily basis an absolute blast. So here is a video, dedicated to the symphonious S62 V8.

e39 M5 Borla Cat-Back Exhaust
Before I settled on the Borla Exhaust, I searched through youtube looking for a quality clip with a full Borla Exhaust on an e39. So not being entirely satisfied with what is available I decided to shoot this HD video of my recently installed Borla Cat-Back Exhaust on my M5. There is one clip of a start and revving, a clip of a drive off, and two drive-bys. Thanks to Aggie for her help!

Eisenmann E39 M5 Race Performance with 4x83mm tips
Supercharged iND E39 M5 with an Eisenmann Race performance installed.

E39 BMW M5 Muffler Delete (straight pipe) Facts and Amazing Sounds
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