LeRhone Rotary Engine Inner Workings

80 LeRhone WWI rotary aircraft engine. The nose case and the camshaft have been removed to se the action of the connecting rods and bearing block.

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Clerget 9B Rotary Engine.mp4
Clerget 9B Rotary Engine and Assembly Animation

How a Radial Engine Works - Amazing "Cutaway in Motion"
SRV Verified 2015 (Original) * For Licensing / Permission to Use Content: kylekidrick(at)gmail(dot)com Such a random video for the collection... Watch up close detail of this radial aircraft engine in motion. On display at the San Diego Air & Space Museum in Southern California. Filmed using Sony DSLR, edited using FCPX. Video Property of Kyle at SRV 2015 (c) SIK Videos on YouTube: http://youtube.com/sikvideosandclthes

2009-03-11 Druckluft 1- 5-Zylinder Sternmotor, Druckluftmotor
5-Zylinder Sternmotor, Druckluftmotor

New Split Cycle Engine Concept: The Doyle Rotary Engine
The DRE is a rotary split cycle engine concept designed to replace current automotive engines. It is smaller and lighter per unit of displacement and has many efficiency gains over conventional engines and other engine concepts. I made this video using Solidworks, Photoshop, After Effects, Audacity and Handbrake. I would like to thank Jim Hummel for the voice over work. We look forward to answering questions and comments. Feel free to post video replies and repost the video wherever you want. Check out our website: www.doylerotary.com