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2010 Kawasaki KX 250F BikeSponsors.com - Jack O'Brien

http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/jackobrien - I have been riding dirt bikes all my life and started racing when I was 9. We gave racing up for about 9 years but still rode at local tracks. I started racing again this year and took every opportunity I had to race or ride. Now that I am a college student, my parents made it completely my responisibility to fund my entry fee, gear, and parts.


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Valve Shimming - 2011 KX250f - Part 01
****WARNING****: Do not base any of your actual shim measurements off what it written on the shim, ALWAYS use a high quality caliper to first measure the shim that came out of the bike, then work out what shim size u need to put in, then once your at the bike store, measure the shims with the same caliper you measured your originals.. this is very important.!!! the shims i got were not the size that was indicated on them, and also the shims that came out of the bike were probably not the same size as they went in!! Thanks. Heres a quick reference to shimming a KX250f, 2011 model, by no means am i a professional mechanic, i have a little experience in doing such work but by most means i am a hobbyist, who loves moto. this is a reference to alot of info ive learnt online and out and about, piled into one reference video, hopefully this helps some people out and they can learn a thing or two about shimming there motorcycle.. the reason i created this video is to help out people to maybe do it themselves, or learn a thing or two about the process.. Check Part 2 Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdetF0kIoAI Check Part 3 Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EecAOoXKCHw

CASEY KNEISEL Sponsorship Video BikeSponsors.com
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/caseykneisel - my plan is to get the coolest custom bike in Tucson not many people have nice shape gs's this bike was one of the original "crotch rockets" in my opinion this motorcycle is underrated and id like to see it get more attention som of the upgrade i would like to do is re jet the carb and put a performance ignition both of these would greatly increase horse power by allowing more fuel and adjusting the timing also i would like to change the boring orange paint to stylish decal kit also the bulky stock turn signals have to go there just ugly. im really enthusiastic to try out bike sponsors service. the help with my project is greatly appreciated and i hope i can be helpful in prompting your companies.

Stephen Beagle 2003 Honda CRF 450R BikeSponsors.com and Decalkits.com Sponsorship
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/stephenbeagle - I should be selected for the sponsorship because I am an up and comming rider and with the proper gear and performance mods I believe I can do well

2012 KTM 250 sxf after 15 hours of sand
Petite vidéo de la KTM 250 sxf 2012 après 15 heures de sable, toujours en bon état pour l'instant ;-) kx250f 450f honda suzuki yamaha motocross new jump whip ride quad first four riding bike motorcycle sand kawasaki wheeler racing dirt wheelie raptor polaris mud race dunes seasons trail blaster offroad extreme freestyle crash time wheelies trial four seasons brute track 4 wheeler

Nathan Moir 2003 Yamaha YZ125 BikeSponsors.com Sponsorship Video Decalkits.com
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/nathanmoir - I am 13 and I am an upcoming dirt bike rider. I race Florida Trail Riders and I've raced 2 times this season and won 1st place this last weekend and 3rd the other. I would gladly display your sponsor decals on my bike and trailer. I am dedicated to this sport and go to every race. I hope you will help me with the expenses that are associated in the sport. Thank You, Nathan Moir

Brian Scholz 2005 Honda CRF250R Footage - Sponsored By BikeSponsors.com
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/brianscholz- - I should be selected for sponsorship because I am a great way to promote different brands and different parts. When I go to different events with my bike I always like to show it off and show people the different stuff I have put on my bike. I will promote any parts or clothing that I get with pride. I am very good at showing people my bike and explaining to them what some good upgrades are that they could get for their bike. Also I am very particular about my bike so that it is sparkling clean at every event. I go to as many events as I can. When I am at my events I usually do pretty well. Most of the time there is a crowd that usually likes to come and see me and my bike. I will try very hard to promote the different sponsors that are on my bike if I get sponsored. Thanks for considering me as a possible candidate to get sponsored. Sincerely, Brian Scholz

John Dugan 2005 Honda CRF 250X BikeSponsors.com Sponsorship Video
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/johndugan - You gotta live to ride or ride to live around me, once we get on the trails you would see i live to ride and help others ride to live! The sponsors that i would be most interested in would be a riding apparel sponsor for gear and clothes, and also a good sponsor for suspension and graphics for the bike. I have been riding since i was 9 years old strictly honda, i started on a 1987 XR80, moved to a 2005 CRF 230 and now i have upgraded to a 2005 CRF 250x and it has shown me that i have the skills to be on top, i just need the bike + parts to do so. I ride atleast 4 times a month if not more depending on my work scheduele so it is my main hobby. Out of all my riding friends they usually choose me to be the "Trail Master" when we ride because they say i have the skills to lead perfectly and the ability to see danger before many others would. Plus a good leader gives any group great confidence, hence promoting a stronger riding ability for everyone.

2010 kawasaki kx250f walk around and start up
Dominic Deeble starts up his all brand new 2010 Kawasaki Kx250f Walking around and starting up and hiting Rev limiter. its sounds sweet and plus its "ALL STOCK".

2010 Kawasaki KX™250F In Action
Check out the features on the 2010 Kawasaki KX™250F.

Lonnie Murray Kawasaki KLX450R BikeSponsors.com Sponsorship Video - Decalkits.com
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/lonniemurray - although i am an A class Amateur rider, I am trying to go pro in the woods racing enduro series and i have always struggled with the cost of maintaining my bikes to try to be competitive with the guys who have sponsorship. I have 4 children and the cost of trying to remain in the sport i truly love is getting overwhelming. I train on a daily basis and stay in good shape and i have done really well in my class, my family has sacrificed a lot over the years to help me live my dream and i would like to at least have one season to realize my potential without having to miss out on races due to lack of proper parts or money to remain competitive any help at all would be greatly appreciated and i would do my best to represent even the littlest sponsorship to the best of my ability.

BikeSponsors.com - Get Sponsored!
Find out if your street bike, sport bike, dirt bike, bmx bike or other recreational vehicle can be sponsored with free parts of your choice from the companies you select. Its easy and free to find out just how much you qualify for.

2012 Honda CRF 250R Sponsored By BikeSponsors.com - Clayton Vonmooos
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/claytonvonmooos - The reason I feel I should be selected to be sponsored by bikesponsors.com is that I am highly motivated and love to race. I've been racing for 16 years and I'm currently racing the AMA Arenacross series. I have National Flatrack championships and world championship snowcross titles under my belt. Motocross is my life and I work my hardest everyday so that I can afford to go to the races on the weekends. If I had a sponsorship through your company I feel like I would have a more competitive machine against the factory racers like Team Babbit and TUF racing. Anything you guys offer me would deffinetly go along ways. Im 21 years old and have alot more years of prime racing. I look forward to doing business with you.

Kawasaki KX250F Sponsored By BikeSponsors.com / Decalkits.com - Christian Flogerzi
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/christianflogerzi - I have been riding for 20 years now. I am just starting to get into racing, I prefer free-riding events and endurocross these events cause damage to the bike. Currently I am training for the works race and would like to get more out of my bike. I attend almost all the race events in southern Oregon and I take my bike to almost all of them just in case I want to race the venue. Right now my bike is stock because I just bought it, but there are several things that I would like to do right off the top such as a new Exhaust, levers, radiator guards, frame guard, new wheels, and a Athena big bore kit. A graphics kit would be cool also but as long as it represents a sponsor. I also have a five acre track in my back yard that I change every six months this has help me grow as a rider. Thank you Christian

Josh Daher 1999 Yamaha YZ250 BikeSponsors.com
http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/josh-daher - i am i guy that just loves nothing more then to ride its in my blood i think that you should sponsor me because i wont wast this i will use these parts to make a bike that can handle me and one day show people that anyone can do anything they set there mind to thank you for giving people the chance

Nyles Gourlie 2006 Yamaha YZF R6 Sponsorship Video BikeSponsors.com
For the past two years my passion has been racing. I work hard with great determination to reach my goal to be the best I can be. I strive to be the best with a go hard or go home attitude. I have worked to improve my lap times on every race. http://bikesponsors.com/portfolios/nylesgourlie This year i have accomplished four 2nd place finishes and three 3rd places. I have been nominated for the Rookie of the year for my drive not only on the track, but off the track with helping others.

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