turbo toyota 4runner 22re rock racing

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Turbo toyota pickup 22re, first start
89 2wd using 86 ret block n/a pistons and head. tuned with MSPNP

Regular Car Reviews: 1986 Toyota 4Runner
You ever been to Moab? You gotta take that Runner to Moab, man. Come on, you gotta get the rubber up on that slick rock over there! Sandstone! Petrified sand dunes! Black tracks as far as the eye can see! The rock is like sandpaper, and it grips the tires like a dick in a Chinese finger trap! You just don't know, man! YOU JUST DON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU'RE UP THERE.

Toyota 22R Turbo Charged Blow Through Carburetor Petrol / LPG 4Runner
This is my custom built 22R Blow Through Carby turbocharged 4Runner running Petrol and LPG on fully rebuilt engine in Australia.

1987 Toyota 4Runner 22RE 2 Degree Fahrenheit Cold Start
This was the morning of that abnormally cold weather. It was 3 degrees Fahrenheit at home, parts of the US had temps in the negative teens. 22RE didn't care though. I should have tried the lawnmowers.