78 Malibu 305 Burnout #2

Doing a burnout on a side road..... Again

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78 Malibu 305 straight pipe
Factory cat still in place. temporary setup, just so i can actually hear it while its running. better setup to be determined.

305 Malibu Running a 9.1 at 411
I ran a 9.1 this night and wound up breaking out.

83 Monster Malibu 305 chrome shotgun shaker blower flowmaster exhaust
Heres another vid of my 4 door chevy malibu with a chromed out 305 shaker/blower.

HC's 83' Malibu 305 V8 Swap
After months of work HC's 1983 Malibu is running. V6 231 to V8 305. There are still a few things left, power steering, fan shroud, heater hose, the transmission needs a bit of work and of course the dual Exhaust needs to be added. But for now it's semi drivable.