Livorsi Marine at the 2011 Los Angeles Boat Show

At the 2011 L.A. Boat Show, Tom Veronneau of Livorsi Marine talks about his MEFI-4 and MoTec gateway, a new device that connects to the MEFI-4 or MoTec ECU, takes the engine data and translates it to NEMA 2000 so you can view it on your NEMA-compliant navigation unit.

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mefi 4 4b 24x to 58x crank triger conversion instruction

RSI / JRR Motec M1 Standalone for the Dodge Viper Gen 5 (2013+)
RSI Racing Solutions and John Reed Racing are pleased to announce the official release of the Motec M1 Standalone for the Gen 5 Dodge Viper. This system allows for full integration with the Gen 5 Dodge Viper as a complete replacement for the OEM ECU. The Motec M1 feeds the necessary data for full dash functionality, while keeping use of the OEM steering wheel controls. The OEM traction and launch control systems are replaced by the Motec offering a higher level of control and adjustment. The RSI/JRR Motec M1 system also allows you to keep your cruise control system. With added features such as E85 Flex Fuel and Boost-By-Gear, this system is unmatched by anything in production or development currently for the Viper market. We are also working to release versions for all previous generation Dodge Vipers in 2015.

454 hyd roller EFI motor start up
454 10.75 cr 230 230 duration @ .050 .544 .544 lift 112 lsa. 1000 cfm throttle body 60 lb injectors running a MEFI 3 ECM and Mefi burn with Tuner pro to tune in

MoTeC Finland - Anssi Rytkösen kilpuri penkissä 2014
Rallisprintin kestomenestyjä Anssi Rytkösen Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution kilpuri penkityksessä