Red/Grey Box Chevy Caprice on 28" Diablo Elites - 1080p HD

Here goes another homie's Chevrolet Caprice Box, sitting RIGHT on some Diablo Elite 28s. Got the 28's tucked up under the back pretty nicely! Interior in ALL grey and red tweed. Motor looking NICE up under it too.. 350 engine, and sounds MEAN! Nicely put together box chevy. At Power Fest 2012 in Augusta, GA.

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Red/Grey Box Chevy Caprice on 28" Diablo Elites Pt. 2 - 1080p HD
Another video of my homie's Red and Grey Chevrolet Caprice Box, sitting on some Diablo Elites 28's. He was too clean!

Riding down Gordon Highway after Power Fest 2012 - 1080p HD
Here goes a few cars going down Gordon Highway once Power Fest was over! You see my homies GMC Yukon on 28's, my homie's Nissan Maxima on 26" DUB Rebellion Floaters, my homie's Red and Grey Box Chey Caprice on 28" Diablo Elites. Also see a 78 or 79 Custom Convertible Monte Carlo on 24" DUB Delusions Floaters, and a 70 or 71 Chevrolet Monte Carlo on some 22's. Nice video! In Augusta, GA.

AceWhips.NET- C2C Customs- Black Chevy Box on 30" Diablos
NOW GO TO::: http://AceWhips.NET C2C Customs- Black Chevy Box on 30" Diablos

WhipAddict: FOR SALE: 89' Caprice on 28s, 04' Tahoe on 30s, 86' Caprice Brougham. Atlanta, GA
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