Best-of Porsche 917

A tribute to the most worderfull race car: the Porsche 917. Thanks to Antti for the inspiration... The music comes from Immediate music - Liberty Shield.

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Les 24 Heures du Mans 1970 Extraits du film avec Steeve McQueen

Porsche in Le Mans 1971: The race of records
Le Mans 1971 was the race of records. Lightweight design at its peak. More than 222 km/h average speed. For the first time. The Porsche 917. A memory that lasts. If you are interested in exciting stories and highlights all around Porsche motorsport history at Le Mans, visit our webspecial and take a look behind the scenes:

Le Mans 1971 ( Steve McQueen ) Porsche 917 Crash

Porsche 917-021 Spa Francorchamps
Porsche 917 - 021 RĂ©alisation et music made by Daniel Fery