this is my 2006 civic si with skunk2 stage 2 cam and complete valvetrain also has cold air intake Exhaust race header with high flow cat i will be changing those very soon that was holding the car back a bit, also has pullies motor mount fuel rail 410cc injectors

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Civic Si w/ Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams K20 VTEC Compilation!
Some 1-3rd Gear Pulls. NOT BAD for a E-Tune. Mods: Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams & Dual Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers, Full Bolts On, E-Tune By VITVIPER on 91 Pump. 239whp 156wtq

Honda Civic Si - Skunk2 Bolt-ons with FlashPRO
8th Gen Civic Si on the MainLine today.

FA5 Civic Si w/ Skunk2 Cams Vs. FG2 w/ Full Bolts On [No Flashpro]
Time for a new Tune bro.

Civic Si Skunk2 Cams Dyno
This was a Dyno tuning session I had done when I was running I/RH/E, cams, FP, TBS, and some other small stuff. Car made 218whp 152tq on a Dynojet.