Supra NA-T Build

Video of my 2JZ NA-T setup

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Toyota Supra 2JZ GE Build
A quick 5 minute video of my Supra's build over the last couple of months. I didn't put a whole lot of info in but if you want to see more you can go to the build thread at: ild Been needing to do a sound test, so will try and do one soon. Car still needs a re-spray and for the side skirts and rear pods to be fitted, spoiler will also be taken off. Then the interior work will begin. Music: Strange Behaviour by Feed Me Ft. Tasha Baxter

MKIV Toyota Supra T61 NA-T first start after turbo conversion.
First start up of my T61 2JZ-GE NA-T with open dump pipe. Apexi Titanium Exhaust video clip -

lexus SC300 2jz na-t almost done
almost done...add me

My 89 supra build
Here is the build of my 89 supra starts from the day I got it to what it looks like now