BMW M5 E39 Acceleration 0 - 270 km/hr

0 to 260 km/hr in 2000 e39 BMW M5! The only reason I didn't go faster was because of the speed limiter. Go to to see a better version showing the RPM.

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100 - 303 km/h on M5 E39.
M5 E39 delimited in Latvia.

BMW 540 E39 Acceleration 0-155 mph Beschleunigung 0-250 km/h
This video shows the speedometer / tachometer during the acceleration from zero until the maximum speed on a German autobahn.

Awesome modified BMW M5
Compilation about BMW power - M5 series. Modified, tuning cars Crazy loud Exhaust sound with flame, drift BMW.

Abandoned 2000 BMW E39 M5 Restoration
I just bought a 2000 M5 for $500. It runs and has 79200 miles on the clock. It has been sitting under a tree for two years. Best of all it has a complete Dinan Exhaust and Intake. I dont know what that is worth. It was parked and never run after the owner rearended someone just hard enough to crack the front bumper. The brake master cylinder went dry on fluid and he tapped the car in front of him. There is certainly a leak somewhere. I couldnt pass it up at this price. I had it towed to a local mechanic I like and have him looking at the mechanicals to make sure the engine is worth fixing up. Source: storation.html