forklift motor for electric car

Forklift motor for electric car spins the right direction for the first time! Learn how to build your own at:

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Pure Electric Car 150KW (~200HP) 0-60mph 7sec. Plug-In 2008 AC Propulsion's Pure Electric Car 150KW (~200HP)0 to 60mph in 7 seconds. Plug-In 2008 Exhibition -4, San Jose California. TilTul See n-battery-production-as-le/ Nissan announces plans to double li-ion battery production as Leaf pre-orders swell -next-year/

Electric Car Conversion 101 part 002 Learn how to build an electric car! This step is working on the motor coupler.

Forklift motor in car and first test
Explains the hook up of the three 12V 210AH golf cart batteries in series for 36V, shows the PWM speed controller connections, and also the first test of car with clutch, flywheel and motor now installed and running - going just a few feet forward and backward.

DIY Electric Car: 04A DC Motor Basics, Part 1
Showing how to build your own electric car. In this segment, we take a look at the basics of how DC motors work. This video is an excerpt from the instructional DVD "BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR", available from To see other videos from this project, please click the playlist at: