Tuned Chevy Cruze 50-100mph run

I made this video today to see just how much difference the tune made inthe 50-100mph. And it made a huge difference. 50-100mph was about 3 seconds faster after the tune! The car was tuned by hightech motorsports. It makes 162hp and 190 lb. ft. Torque. It is a fun car and gets great gas mileage.

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200 horsepower CRUZE
CRUZE Control tune - Part 3 In this video I basically tried to address questions about whether the car is modified in some way other than the tune. We are doing 0-60 MPH two to three seconds quicker than the factory, and yes it's comletely stock otherwise. I tried to do a run from 2400 RPM, however it spun the 225/45/18 LTZ wheels all through 1st gear... www.tstune.com - home of the 200 horsepower TUNE ONLY Chevy Cruze

Boosted Chevy Cruze
0-100 pull in my cruze Boosting near 30lbs.

1.4L Chevrolet Cruze / "Turbo noise" mods only
K&N intake, Trifecta tune, Forge Atmospheric BPV, ZZP catless downpipe, ZZP catless midpipe. *UPDATE* I uninstalled the BPV because I had really negative fuel trims, and even when I went back to stock they were still there.. My car must not of liked it, sold it to another Cruze owner and his is working fine. *shrugs* Also, DO NOT BUY TRIFECTA... they are shit, get BNR.

Cruze Diablo tune, K&N CAI, Flowmaster force 2
The chevys running better these days. Still want to make it last a million miles, but still have to make it fun. As an update if you have a turbo or Supercharger do NOT buy diablo. They can not custom tune and the canned tune is junk. I am fully upgrading my engine and getting a tune from bad news racing.