Lincoln Continental Super Jump

This '76 Lincoln goes 280 mph.

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Xperia Z1 MOV 1334 1971 Lincoln Continental
1971 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental Slide Show
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Lincoln continental mark IV in 3. months time the progress...
repair of an old MARK IV lincoln continental car..with a BIG BLOCK FORD 469 engine... found behind a shed , near a forest.. love on first sight. Dedicated to my father....

How to repair the power window motor of a 78 Lincoln Continental Mark V (also 77 and 79)
What to do, if the power window of a 78 Lincoln Continental Mark V does not work anymore. These fotos show what I did to repair the power window. I demounted the motor, opened the gear box and found some broken parts. In this case the drive rollers (gear bushing) of the motor gear were broken. After replacing the rollers and cleaning the connectors of the power window switch it worked again. Comments in the video somehow can't be seen on mobile devices. Better watch the video on a PC. John from Germany