V70II 2,4D -09 Polestar

Från 163 till 205hk Från 340 till 450Nm

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V70 2.5FT -09 Polestar VS V70 2.5FT -11

volvo v70 2,4d 40-200km/h

Volvo V70 D5 MY11 205 hp/420 Nm acceleration 80-160 km/hr
First test with a demo car. The crappy sound is due to a bad mobile phone that was used to record.

Volvo V70 2,4D MY07 Tuning Test 60-130km/h - VolvoCesky.cz
Testing Volvo V70 2,4D MY07 - 93kW tuned to 125kW test 60 - 130km/h results: original SW = 18,22s St2 125kW = 13,02s Software is possible to buy online and load via Volvo DiCE interface!!