Shakedown 2012 T.J. Kasper 201 MPH RUN Outlaw 10.5

Shakedown Nationals Top speed of the Event for Outlaw 10.5...4.08 @ amazing 1/8th mile speed! 10-13-2012

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SCOREBOARDS not working Sat. & Sun. about 2pm.

Christy & Kasper Testing T.J. Kasper
T.J. Kasper Testing at SGMP 4.31 @ 182 at the 1/8th 6.85 @ 160 1/4

Joe Copson's Camaro at Yellow Bullet Nationals
Driven by TJ Kasper

TJ Kasper/Joe Copson Runs 4.17's in Outlaw 10.5
TheRacingVids TJ Kasper driving for Joe Copson runs 4.17s and Runner-ups in OL 10.5