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2010 Demo Derby - Test and Tune 2 - 1981 AMC Spirit

Join Facebook's Largest Derby Page: http://www.facebook.com/All4HimRacingDerbyVideos Here is a video of Jim's outreach car for 2010. This is the second video of him testing and tuning the car. Keep stopping by for updates. We want to show that even Christians can do crazy things like demo derby and racing and still spread the messages of the bible. And that its also cool to be a Christian. This concept has taken off and we have been blessed with a lot of support. Please subscribe to our page and check out our other videos. Many more to come soon with up-to-date video reports of our current projects.


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RC Demolition Derby

demo derby New London double roll over
sept. 5,2004 New London, Ohio AMC VS Lumina, i was driving the lumina. they had so many compacts, they had two heat races and a compact feature too.. this is the highlights of my hammering on a AMC sprit.. if you watch the whole thing threres something you probably never seen.. i rolled the same car twice

Tunica demolition derby car #77 mike wrenn may 8th wrenn/boby racing
Testing out derby car for May 8th

New London demo derby in-car camera 2010
#20 sub compact

Altamont Fair 2010 Demolition Derby - Heat 1 (8/22/10)
Ah, the ORIGINAL birth of the demolition derby! Since there have been no storms lately I decided to give you all something else in the mean time. I taped almost all the heats in the event which include the Firefighters heat, 4 cyclinders (did not film due to memory), 6 cylinders, 8 cylinders, and the finals. 4 out 5 like last year...not bad. Anyway enough talking. Enjoy heat 1 - Firefighters Grudge Match Sorry for some camera shakes.....it was cold remember and sometimes had the breif shiver.

Consolation Demo Derby Preble County Fair 2010
Here is the Modified Consolation heat at the 2010 Preble County Fair.

Greeley Stampede 2010 compact Demolition derby part 2

Few tips for compact derby cars
Just a fast clip i put together to help out those who need a little, have any ideas please comment and share. This aint the best vid or very detailed but i hope it helps out those who need it some..

2007 Mercer County Fair Compact-Best Of Show
Hell car #1134 junkin everyone till a minor problem shut him down.Best of show award in first 3 minutes. Whole compact derby. AMC Spirit wins.

2005 Celina,Ohio Fair Demo-Derby : 00-Scott Zizelman
One of many heat wins for Scott Zizelman,Celina,OH.Home town.Sceamin wagon

2010 Hot Rockin 4th Demolition Derby Heat 1 Part 1
Ogden Utah 2010 Hot Rockin 4th Demolition Derby. This is the first heat it was about 18 minutes long so its split into two videos

1974 AMC Javelin AMX: It's Alive!
It's alive! Watch the video! Matt Manska and Gary Shuerman get my Javelin AMX running. Remember, it's been sitting since 1976 with only 36,511 original miles. It was started once in 1981 and once in 1989 and that's all. I siphoned 12 gallons of fuel out of the tank, replaced with fresh gasoline and installed a new starter. The rest of the pre-starting mechanics were handled by Matt Manska and Gary Shuerman (thanks guys!): They installed a new fuel filter, new air filter, new battery, new spark plugs, new plug wires, new points and condensor, new cap and rotor, added Marvel Mystery oil to the fuel tank and engine, added coolant to the radiator, and primed the engine using a small block Chevy oil pump priming tool. And, it started! edit Delete caption

1980 AMC Spirit Pro Street
First test drive of the new car 4-27-10 As of 10-10-10 the Spirit is for sale turn key $7500.00. Time to move on to my other projects

amc wins compact derby OUCH !!
SELLING HER ON EBAY http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trkparms=tab%3DSe lling&viewitem=&item=330252735351&_trksid=p3907.m32 FORMALDEHYDE_RIDE SORRY I LIED HAD TO GIT YA TO LOOK THANKS .JULY/13/08 CAR IN ILLINOS ITS WORTH THE DRIVE SOLID AS HELL.

AMC Spirit ideling in driveway
AMC spirit running in the yard

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1979 AMC Spirit : 9.350 @ 143.500
MIKE THERBER, Engine: AMC 401, Supercharger: NA Turbos: NA Tires: HOOSIER

1980 AMC Spirit AMX: 9.420 @ 143.580
James Landis, Engine: 401, Tires: M/T

1979 AMC Spirit amc spirit: 10.640 @ 124.000
Randy Booker, Engine: 1970/390, Tires: 28.5/10.5/15

1982 AMC Spirit gt: 10.860 @ 122.000
Corey, Engine: 408 chevy, Tires: MT Drag Slicks

1983 AMC Spirit GT: 10.916 @ 121.680
Darrel Bible, Engine: AMC 390 bored 20 over, Tires: Goodyear 28x11x15 slicks

1980 AMC Spirit : 11.120 @ 114.000
Mike Miller, Engine: 360, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M/T-Moroso

1979 AMC Spirit Robbie Carrico: 11.170 @ 119.260
Robbie Carrico,

1979 AMC Spirit : 11.280 @ 119.990
Mike Miller, Engine: 360, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M/T 10X26

1979 AMC Spirit Hatchback: 11.590 @ 120.530
Tom Diehl, Engine: 401, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: 26X11.5X15 M/T ET Street

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: 11.680 @ 120.890
Wallace White, Engine: 2.2 DOHC, Turbos: Turbonetics T3T4 50 trim stage 2

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: 11.680 @ 120.890
Wallace White, Engine: 2.2 DOHC, Turbos: T3/T4 50 trim

1982 AMC Spirit : 11.977 @ 114.260
Justin Foss, Engine: AMC 401,

1982 AMC Spirit : 12.620 @ 106.890
justin foss, Engine: 401, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: 28 m/t

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: 13.005 @ 103.720
Marc, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: None Turbos: Stock Tires: BFG Drag Radial 225-45-17

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: 13.302 @ 108.640
JL, Engine: TIII 16-valve 2.2L, Supercharger: Why? Turbos: Turbonetics 50-trim T04E/T3 0.63AR Stage III Tires: BFG g-Force Sport 205/60/15

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: 13.330 @ 103.710
Marc Ehrenberg, Engine: 2.2L DOHC 16V, Turbos: Garrett TB03 Tires: Dunlop SP5000 Street Tires

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: 14.060 @ 104.000
Mike Kelley, Engine: 2.2L, 16v, Turbos: 1 Garrett Tires: Sumitomo HTR 100s (cheap street radials)

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: 14.097 @ 96.720
Me, Engine: 2.2L Turbo III 16V DOHC, Turbos: Garrett TB03 (stock) Tires: Dunlop SP 5000's with 13psi in front.

1989 Dodge Spirit ES Turbo: 14.224 @ 92.280
Bryan Green, Turbos: T03 Garrett

1991 Dodge Spirit RT T3 Garrett Turbo: 14.510 @ 98.940
Tony Arnold, Engine: 2.2L, Turbos: T3 Garrett


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