Mark Craig's Triumph Spitfire with VDCA @ Road Atlanta

This is a video of Zapata Team member Mark Craig driving his 1972 Triumph Spitfire at Road Atlanta.

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Vintage Racing Crash Roll cages are good
This is Mark with Zapata in second place of the last race at Roebling Road. Listen close and you can hear his rear axle snap. At that point he can't do anything but hold on. Mark is fine. This is a good reason to over build safety into any racecar. We are making a Documentary movie about vintage racing. Go to for more info. It comes out Summer 2012. We are following six drivers from Nashville for a year making a film about Vintage Racing. Mark the driver in this video is one of those drivers. Go to to see the movie trailer.

HGR 2012 race 1
Historic Grand Race 2012 at Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna Finland. Pre -66 race 1 in a Triumph Spitfire with 1147cc engine. Got stuck in traffic behind a GT40, Barracude etc... Finally 2nd in class after a Mini Cooper S.

All Triumph Race Road Atlanta April 27 2012
In car cam from a 63 Triumph Spitfire, the oldest Spit in the event

Tail of the Dragon in a Triumph Spitfire
*** yep***updated after 108 views- # curves corrected and engine revs added! ***** Three of us ran up R129 to Knoxville from the Road Atlanta Mitty 2012 event. The bikers at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort (with the 'Tree of Shame') loved our cars nearly as much as we do. This little ditty is just an example of this twisty road....318 curves in 11 miles, but only 6 miles as the crow flies. This is just the first 1/3rd-2/3rds before the overlook, set to music that I feel matched the mood of the road. If you've ever driven this road,'s sped matches the 'in the seat feel' and concentration feeling of driving this crazy road.