Uhoh.. The Mazda won't idle...

My 1985 Mazda GLC just started running crappy one afternoon. Wouldn't idle at all. Long story short.. what ended up fixing it was lots of hard driving and excessive revving. Sometimes I'm glad the car wasn't equipped with a tachometer... hahaha

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1980s Mazda/Ford - Engine Idling result after more tuning refinements
This is basically after tweaking around with both the carburetor's curb idle speed screw, as well as the gas pedal's idle speed screw position; to produce a more stable & consistent engine idling character under varying weather/atmospheric conditions/ambient temperatures.

carburettor AISAN Mazda 323BF
carburettor. AISAN

Carb Cleaning For my Mazda B2200 1989
Just putting some Carb Cleanner into this PT. It's no the right way according to the expert Guys out there. But after doing so i started looking some improvement

Mazda 121 DB sensor throttle problem.