My 636 Beauty-The bike that NJ Police stole it from me in 2009

My bike was practically stolen from me be NJ Police in 2009. They impounded my bike when I wanted to ship it overseas, in 2009. I have title of property on my name issued by FL DMV. They stated it was delcared a theft in Canada. I bought that and I took it as a loose. They said the bike was shipped to Canada where it was reported as a theft. After one yer, a letter came from a NJ State trooper, that my bike was involved in a hit and run accident, and I need to pay a fee to take the bike back. How come the bike, after one year, was still on my name and in NJ, since they stated the bike was already in Canada ? When my brother called again the impound office they said that the owner came with a police officer to pick up the bike, and that he had a sale certificate. The certificate was made in july 2010. Exactly 2 days before my brother called again. After that , the state trooper could never been found again on the phone. So this is how NJ Poice stole my bike.

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06 Ninja 636
This is Richards Ninja 636 Very Fast Bike.

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and then kicks off passenger foot peg, and kicks handle back into alignment, lol