DateLine Australia - White Zombie EV

Australian Current Affairs program, doing an article on the California EV scene. Mostly uploaded for the Datsun 1200 action.

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Running On Lithium: White Zombie Acceleration!
John Wayland demonstrates the fun of driving an electric racer on Portland's streets. Fast! This is a short clip from the documentary: Running On Lithium Are backyard engineers pioneering the future of the electric car? As street-legal electric cars race against muscle cars, this documentary provides a thrilling insight into the future of renewable energy: Journeyman Pictures. Thanks for looking!

White Zombie - Fastest Electric Car
This clip is about the fastest street-legal electric car, and how it works.

John Wayland: The White Zombie

Speed Records White Zombie
The White Zombie as appeared on The Speed Channel's "Speed Records". See for more info, or