DateLine Australia - White Zombie EV

Australian Current Affairs program, doing an article on the California EV scene. Mostly uploaded for the Datsun 1200 action.

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EV Electro Swift, Electric car Conversion

My Civic EV Electric Car Project Part 3 Our AC-50 Electric Motor Kit
2001 Honda Civic Electric Car Project. Our AC-50 Electric Motor Kit. Just alittle video to show the components I have selected to drive our electric car down the road. This is a well thought out kit that I have seen in use and have seen relentlessly tested! This exact same kit and others are available at Our motor @ 108v at 650a up to 3800 RPM will deliver 121ftlbs of torque and 76hp. Its designed and works best in cars under 3000lbs. Subscribe to Tomswonderfulworld watch and learn as I build an Electric Car.

Carro eletrico gurgel supermini
Mais um teste com o veiculo apos a conversao para eletrico , agora com o potenciometro ja conectado ao cabo do acelerador.

O Super Carro elétrico Tesla modelo S
Saiba mais sobre Nikola Tesla acessando nosso portal: Os combustíveis fósseis estão se tornando cada vez mais escassos, é hora de um sedã de luxo totalmente elétrico, o Tesla Modelo S .