Amazing Vtec B16 ITB car for SALE !!

Acceleration EE8 B16A1 220KM with ITB THE CAR is FOR SALE in Poland. 5900E email: all mods...

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Honda Civic ITB
Louie's Civic that he built. Instagram: Owner- @_l0uie Videographer- @teeeejaay

Civic B16 240hp
SDP Autosport inc. Built this engine that can go at 11,000 rpm and still working on 91 octane fuel. The bottom is almost like a stock but head work is crazy. We made new runner with the Dyno sheet you seen. Head porting is very nice as you can see but we most keep our secret thank you for looking. And please visit our web site to see what else we can do !!!

vtec open
cyber drag

Built GSR with CBR1000 itb's
81.5mm GSR block, CTR pistons, B16 head, Crower 63403-2 stage 3 cams, Skunk2 valve springs, CBR1000 throttle bodies, GSR trans, in a 93 Civic 4dr