DIY: Wrapping Rims in Matte Black Vinyl

I wanted to try a new style for my winter rims, and instead of pinting them i wrapped them in vinyl, Costs about $10 a rim. This short video shows you how to wrap a rim quickly(sped up 3x), There really is no downfall to doing this, faster and cheaper then painting, the vinyl only weighs .4 ounces or about 50 grams. and thats spread out throughout the rim and if you dont like it then just peal it off. If you want more info or you want to buy some vinyl contact me at Or come contact me at please don't send a message though youtube, I don't come here often. third year! Check it out on ebay for the full written DIY. Or visit my ebay page at and scroll down to Matte Black Vinyl Rim Wrap 6x 24"x24" Also the first song uses is a -rusko remix its rusko hold on sub focus remix, the second song is -supersonic the world of discotronic and the last song is the classic -chemical brothers hay boy hay girl with a dunstep remix.

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OLD SCHOOL Wheel/Rim Re-Conditioning..YOU CAN DO THIS !
Click "SHOW MORE" Below for the TOOLS used to make this video Hello Everyone, SWEET PROJECT CARS here with cool, trick and affordable ways to do things for the DIYER'S OF THE UNIVERSE! TOOLS: Power Washer Sand Blasting Hood Rubber Gloves Safety Glasses Air Compressor All Purpose Towels Index Cards or Green Masking Paper Spray Bottles Auto Body Tape Duct Tape Lacquer Thinner Air Mask Sand Blasting Tool Air Line Filter Blasting Media Air nozzle HVLP Paint Gun Grey Primer Brilliant Silver Paint Satin Crystal Clear Here we do our longest full detailed video ever...showing you every step to recondition your wheels at home. We show you how we used to do it years and years ago and that it is still possible for you to do as well. Good Luck make sure you subscribe if you can't watch the video in full the first time.

Restore Yellow Hazy Headlights The Right Way 3M Headlight Restoration Kit
In this video, I show you the PROPER way to restore your headlights. No toothpaste, no baking soda, Just sandpaper and buffing compound. I use the 3M Headlight restoration kit which includes 500 grit, 800 Grit and 3000 grit sandpaper as well as the included compound and buffing pad. There are 4 steps to polish the light out, then you put on wax to protect the plastic from yellowing again and your done! Have a watch and be sure to hit that like button! Check Out Our Forum

How to paint your car wheels black
John and Cory explain to you how to paint your car wheels flat or semi-gloss black. Check out Black No. 2 and more of my songs at: My new musical feature film Rednecks! More videos free on my Youtube page:

Tire Stickers: Install Permanent Tire Letters: Michelin Tire Lettering
Installation, cleaning, and removal guide for DIY Permanent Tire Lettering. Looking for the most durable tire decals on the market? Our Permanent Tire Stickers® are designed for the most demanding conditions and to last the lifetime of the tire! Our raised rubber lettering style Tire Stickers® are ideal for maintaining a high quality look and lasting bond under daily driving conditions. All kits include decals, instructions and FleXement application adhesive. Virtually any logo or font can be converted in order to match the desired look for the vehicle. Get your very own tire lettering kit here: