Chris driving PGO buggy in the snow

driving a PGO bugruder rwd buggy in the snow when i was about 14 watch me rallying now!! :)

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350 v8 go cart first run burnout
This is in Kelowna BC CANADA cookin off tires on our 5L ndex=1 after this video we did weld rear end, put in a throttle pedal, a tach, then jumped it, split the bell housing and blew it up :)

Parcours en PGO 250 "optionbug" , démonstration des possibilitées d'un 250 préparé.

Dune Buggy Snow Drifting
me Daniel riding around in my 250cc dune buggy testing to see how it performs in the winter season. Was quite impressed what turned out.

Première neige
Première neige