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Camel Trophy 1996 - Kalimantan
Although the "special tasks" were introduced at the beginning of the decade, some would argue that the 1996 event was the last "traditional" Camel Trophy. Starting at Balikpapan on the east coast of Kalimantan, the route wound its way through the very heart of Borneo to the finish approximately 100km north of Pontianac on the west coast. From the Dusit Inn Hotel, teams made there way to the first set of special tasks via a barge crossing of the Balikpapan River and then on into serious jungle and mountain terrain. Many of the tracks and trails in the interior had not seen any form of motorised transport for more than a decade and were in diabolical condition. Just the job for Camel Trophy. From the task site the route swung in a large loop first north, then east towards Muaratewe, where heavy rains had turned much of the countryside into swamp. The teams battled for days through seemingly impossible conditions, heading for the small river port and crossing site at Tumbang Samba. However this was not to be. Conditions became so bad and progress so slow that, in order to have any hope of making the finish on time, a detour was found bypassing some of the most treacherous sections. The convoy moved on, at last able to make a reasonable mileage per day but still behind schedule. Days turned into 24- hour marathons, each with its own set of problems to be overcome. Eventually, after missing out a planned section in the extreme south west of the island, the weary crews arrived at the last special task site on the coast near Singkawang. A day and a half of special tasks followed before the teams headed in convoy for the final award ceremony held later that evening in the principle hotel in Pontianac This was the last Camel Trophy to adhere to the traditional formula of teams undertaking the route as a convoy. Like its predecessors it will be remembered for the camaraderie and team spirit generated amongst the crews as they worked together to overcome the odds. Once this concept was lost, critics say the event never truly regained its magical qualities, to say nothing of its toughness, character and reputation as the "Ultimate Adventure". Team Vehicles: Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi Support Vehicles: Land Rover Defender 110 300Tdi Distance: 1,490km by road Number of Teams: 18 Participating Countries: Belgium - Deirdre Morael & Wim de Vocht Canary Islands - Adolfo Suanzes & Belen de la Fuente Czech Republic - Zdenek Tomasek & Jakub Havel Denmark/Norway - Bjorn Jacques & Henrik Jorgensen Finland/Sweden - Pontus Hellgren & Ato Ihamaki France - Denis Rosand & Yves Truelle Germany - Christine Hofer & Eberhard Stettner Greece - Miltos Farmakis & Nikos Solirchos - Camel Trophy & Land Rover Award Holland - Carolien Stelma & Alex van Delft Italy - Giampaolo Giusti & CristianBertolani Japan - Tomotaka Miyata & Minoru Omae Morocco - Samir Berrada & Yorel Levy Poland - Jarek Kazberuk & Michal Kielbasinski Russia - Dmitriy Surin & Alexei Svirkov - Special Task Award South Africa - Samuel de Beer & Pieter du Plessis - Team Spirit Award Spain - Antonio Canete & Ricardo Quiros Switzerland - Olivier Soltermann & Andrea Burkhardt Turkey - Selim Kemahli & Ali Nasuh Mahruki United Kingdom - William Tapley & John Leach United States - Ken Cameron & Fred Hoess

The Beast Mklla
The Beast Mklla, 5.0l V8, tricked suspension. To all you idiots commenting about how your bog-standard Lada Niva 1200 can do better than this -- please note: it was Xmas day afternoon, I just got a new iPhone I wanted to try out, we'd spent the morning washing and polishing the Landy, and then we killed an hour doing a little shoot before dinner. We didn't let the tires down. We didn't even want to get dirty, we didn't want to get the truck dirty, in fact, we didn't even want to get our shoes dirty. Sorry if you couldn't crack one on, but we all know you could do much much better of course. And thanks for helping us get more than 150,000 views. To everyone else who left sensible comments and compliments - thanks for watching. Oh yes, and to all the know-all experts, the lockers are now in ...

Offroad Expedition Romania 2010
Expedice Rumunsko 2010

Restauracion Discovery Camel Trophy
Porceso de restauracion de un discovery en un camel trophy réplica

Discovery II, jeep breaking axle..
Ocala !!! Alpha pit, 5 trucks went to alpha pit, 3 jeeps fail inside the trails and 1 cherokee reported rear brakes gone at the end of the day, but still drivable and a Discovery II reported no problems !!!!

Camel Trophy Brazil Amazon 3 of 4
Camel Trophy Brazil Amazon

Camel Trophy 1987 Madagascar 1/4

Camel Trophy 1991 - Tanzania Burundi
In 1991, Camel Trophy returned to the African mainland for the first time since the 1983 event. Camel Trophy 1991 was significant not only because it crossed the border between two countries but also for its record entry of seventeen nations. Once again, the Land Rover Discovery Tdi was the vehicle of choice for the teams, although this event was the first to use the more accessible five door version. The route retraced the trail of the famous Scottish explorer Dr David Livingstone, who led a successful quest to discover the source of the Nile in the Nineteenth Century. The 1,800 km convoy route traversed some of the most dramatic and spectacular scenery in Africa, teeming with precious and endangered wildlife, as it made its way from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania to Bujumbura in Burundi. With the belated advent of the rainy season, many of the Tanzanian tracks, particularly those through the areas of "black cotton soils", became treacherous quagmires. Progress was slowed dramatically and the incessant whine of winch motors even drowned out the sounds of the African bush. At the end of this Camel Trophy, during which sleep was a particularly rare commodity, the Austrians won the Special Task Award, while the Turkish team consisting of Menderes Utku and Bulent Ozler won both the Team Spirit Award and the overall Camel Trophy. This was the first event that where the new scoring/judging system provided three potential award winners for the Camel Trophy, Team Spirit Award and Special Tasks Award. Although the introduction of the special tasks represented the beginning of the gradual move away from the adventurous expedition style of the event, in the future the overall winner would be calculated using a combination of Special Task results and Team Spirit results. Team Vehicles: Land Rover Discovery 200Tdi Support Vehicles: Land Rover One Ten Distance: 1658 km by road Number of Teams: 17 Participating Countries: Austria - Joseph Altman & Peter Widhalm - Special Tasks Award Belgium - Geert Blondeel & Tony Carrette Canary Islands - Alejandro Marrero & Clemente Lopez France - Jean-Pierre Chautagnat & Jerome Krief Germany - Andreas Bublat & Wolfram Ettgen Greece - Thanassis Choundras & Thanassis Papadimitriou Holland - Marcel Van Bemmel & Jan Pepers Italy - Carlo Rinaldi & Emilio Previtali Japan - Kaoru Shoji & Hideo Mukoyama Poland - Slawomir Makaruk & Grzegorz Kowalski Russia - Vadim Saveliev & Mikael Snarski Spain - Fernando Castaneda Smids & Javier Vila Altimir Switzerland - Erwin Karrer & Erik Krebs Turkey - Menderes Utku & Bulent Ozler - Camel Trophy & Team Spirit Award United Kingdom - Tim Dray & Andrew Street United States - Webb Arnold & Bill Burke Yugoslavia - Roman Vukovic & Darko Dular

4x4 extreme Off Roading & Discovery Abuse With Some Herts 4X4 Members @ Pay & Play Day pt7
http://www.LandRoverWorkshopDVD.com http://www.Spanish4X4.com http://www.Facebook.com/Spanish4X4Phil Add me on facebook for a reminder of the next day and other events pt7 Defender 90 and Landrover discovery getting drowned in part7 of the playlist. extreme 4x4 mudding Great fun in the mud lots of vehicles being recovered and snatched out by the V8 disco. Watch out for the very enthusiastic Discovery drivers and my mate Kev in the 90 with a pleasant drive. Jerome in the 90 td5, get some recovery points for next time! not because he got stuck but because he couldn't pull anyone out as no one was prepared to lay in the mud to hook up! A good day out and a good laugh

'Aquaman's' Land Rover capsizes in 4x4 Challenge (Poland)
http://toursandtales.com/ "Aquaman" nickname given to the driver just after the swimming lesson: Can a Land Rover float? during the Orawa Challenge 2011 in Poland. Read the full story at http://www.toursandtales.com/Muddyboots/4x4-offroad/Orawa-4x4-2011-Aquaman

Nissan Patrol vs Land Rover Discovery Mud/Terrain
offroadění v Bělé pod Bezdězem ..Bóža a Milda

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