Ok, this video started out as nothing more than scanner testing, but.......well.....I have no excuse. LoL!! New Scanner install in "The Karr Project" with some........twists. I guess this one is kind of a sequel to my other video "Knight Rider Cars." The plastics and acrylics featured in my Knight Rider Kitt car can be found and purchased online at, Peace all, Mike

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Knight Rider Replica Full restoration video
From the day I picked Kitt up to Kitts first car show. Sit back and enjoy. it's been a journey to say the least! This Knight rider replica started out as a 1982 trans am. Full ground up restoration . This is not the Fast and Loud knight rider car. Follow me on Facebook at or on instagram @ therealchrisblasius

Knight Rider Festival II: Arrivals
Paul Casey rides in on a horse, and the Mayor rides in in KITT. The cast and crew follow in each KITT replica.

[EN] Knight rider replica K2000 car (customized with a 3D printer)
--EN-- Still asking yourself what to do with a 3D printer? 3D Modular Systems presents you a functional K2000 Knight rider with exclusive shots of 3D printed parts. Maybe Knight Rider Heroes will be using this car.... ;-) --FR-- Encore en train de vous demander quoi faire avec une imprimante 3D? 3D Modular Systems vous présente une K2000 Fonctionnelle avec des vues exclusives sur les pièces imprimés en 3D. Maintenant avec une Imprimante 3D Scalar M ou Scalar XL Vous pouvez aussi le faire! Enjoy! ---

Remote controlled KITT
First video showing me remote controlling KITT via his onboard computer