Bumper to Bumper!!! One bus is stuck in snow, other bus is trying to help and push the bus in front with his bumper!!!

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Snow Plow Rescues Lorry Stuck in the Snow.
Another lorry gets stuck in the snow at the end of my road. This time a snow plough comes to the rescue.

Moscow bus sliping 2010
Buses slip while stop and start at bus stop

Big Truck gets stuck boarding Corsica Sardiania ferries
Port of Nice France very rare 3 Ferry boats at same time in port, adsfree-20Min. Italian style of boarding big trucks, get them over the ramp Mamma mia - complimenti Corsica Victoria - brava ! (sorry ringtone from phone) have fun enjoy summer

NYC Major Snow Storm- February 26th, 2010 [HD] (The Winter That Never Ends)
Yet another major winter storm hits the NYC area! This one brought with it a TON of snow. I measured almost 14 inches in my backyard, and after just checking the official storm totals in my area, it looks like South Ozone Park (which is about 4 miles from me) clocked in with 15 inches. The snow right at sunrise this morning was coming down at the rate of about 2 inches an hour, and that's when I headed out the door to shoot the video you are watching here. Buses and cars were getting stuck everywhere as the roads were in horrible shape. Thank god my Nissan Xterra has 4 wheel drive! If it didn't, I would have surely gotten stuck. Enjoy the video and please rate and comment if you have the time! Also, to keep up to date on all my latest storm chase adventures don't forget to subscribe to my channel! Thanks! Scott McPartland **NOT FOR RE-BROADCAST** ©2010 Scott McPartland