GTO Borla XR1 Rev

2004 Pontiac GTO JBA Headers/ Mids JBA Exhaust (with Borla XR1 in place of JBA Mufflers) H-pipe

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Pontiac GTO Borla XR1
JBA Shorty Headers JBA Catless Mids JBA Exhaust System (JBA Mufflers swaped for Borla XR1's) H-pipe

2005 GTO Borla XR1 exhuast
My 05 Goat with 1 3/4 Dynatech headers and Borla XR1 exhuast. All stainless system. Car is completly stock other than that. And yes its a 6speed. Wouldnt have it any other way. **Cold start-up. 36degrees that morning

2006 Pontiac GTO Borla Pro XS
Don't mind my Darth Vader breathing. Short video of my 2006 GTO, ~8600 miles, M6, K&N Typhoon, Stainless Works LT Headers, X Pipe, 2.5" Stainless plumbing out to a Borla Pro XS. Uploaded this video because I couldn't find any GTOs with a similar setup and I was hesitant at first but it suits very well. Drone isn't AWFUL at cruising speeds but there is a bit.

2004 Pontiac GTO Kooks headers, Borla exhaust
My 2004 Pontiac GTO 5.7L Kooks stepped headers, catless mids, and Borla dual Exhaust w/h pipe, and some other bolt-ons. Dyno'd 342 rwhp and 352 rwtq.