If you give an engine a truck (thomasfan69) (4th Honorable Mention)

My entry for Ramahfool's Contest.. Atleast I tried

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Random Moments on Trainz 2006 Ep 1: Teh Bridge of Death
Don't ask. Seriously. DON'T

TOMY Percy Takes the Plunge Scene
I redid the the scene when percy gets pushed into the water. And if you comment saying that my train will get ruined you will be blocked and removed because he is working fine.

Thomas And Friends Misty Island Rescue Photoshop CS5
Ecco il mio primo disegno animato ,alcune scene prese spunto da alcuni Cartoni Anime Giapponesi! Spero che vi piaccia :-) Qui vedrete molte locomotive versione umanizzate fantasticate da me. I disegni sono stati fatti a pastello e con Photoshop CS5. Music:Misty Island Rescue' Soundtrack

If You Give An Engine A Brakevan (Ramahfool) 1'st Honorable Mention
Here's my entry for TrainBoy54's "If You Give An Engine A Brakevan," contest, yet another spoof of my "If You Give An Engine A Truck," Contest. I got an Honorable Mention. Somehow I guess the contest ended early, but anyway, I did the best I could.