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Escalade and Hummer H2 suck on russian off road.

Damn actually i ve been thinking about buying GMT900 Tahoe or Escalade:( And i dont like tractors coz of poor 0-60mph acceleration and absence of seats ventilation... :) damn! :)


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Footage from a 2003 Hummer Happening held at the Washougal MotoCross Track in Washington. LOTS of rain and plenty of slick mud make for a great time.

Hummer Extreme Off Road | Amazing Hummer Video
This amazing Hummer Extreme Off Road Video shows the true capabilities and history of the Hummer. Rock Climbing, Mudding, Water Crossing and "Hummer Snow Challenge" and much more. Born from a military background, it's not surprising to discover that go-anywhere attitude backing up the Hummer brand. This mindset was best exemplified by the late Hummer H1 Realizing that not everyone would want the civilian equivalent of a Humvee, the company added the Hummer H2, available as an SUV and as a pickup dubbed the H2 SUT (sport utility truck). Still plenty capable, the H2 shares its platform with the Chevrolet Silverado, whereas the most recent product to debut, the Hummer H3 and H3T (the pickup truck version), is based on the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon. Hummer was created as a civilian version of the Humvee (HMMWV, High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle), a military vehicle developed by AM General during the 1980s. The first model, simply called the Hummer, was launched by AM General in 1992, seven years before General Motors took ownership of the company. After that change, the Hummer was renamed the Hummer H1 and GM worked on expanding the brand's line up and broadening exposure to the mainstream market. The results of those efforts could be seen in the Hummer H2, a rugged off-road SUV that offered attitude and sheer mass not found in many competing vehicles. A pickup version of that utility vehicle, dubbed the Hummer H2 SUT, followed. By 2006, the Hummer H1 had reached the end of its line, but the resulting void made room for the Chevy Colorado-based Hummer H3, available with a five-cylinder engine in standard guise or as the V8-powered Hummer H3 Alpha. A pickup version, the Hummer H3T, is also available, as is the more luxurious Hummer H3x. Video Marketing and Video SEO http://youtube.com/user/VideoSeoServices http://www.VideoSeoServices.com Hummer Extreme off road video

УАЗ 452 4x4 50 ЛЕТ В ГРЯЗИ!!!!!
ПРОБЕЙ АВТО ПО ГОСНОМЕРУ: http://prover-avto.3dn.ru Источник материалов http://images.yandex.ru/

УАЗ 452 Буханка Тюнинг салона
Тюнинг салона автомобиля УАЗ 452 Буханка . Interior tuning car UAZ 452 Loaf.

Nowy UAZ FURGON rocznik 2010/2011 z silnikiem ANDORIA turbo DIESEL złożony przez naszą firmę. Samochód ma trochę wyposażenia dodatkowego. Więcej informacji na www.tarmot.ig.pl lub 602250952.

UAZ 4x4 van action! / UAZ 4x4 van Aktion! / УАЗ 4x4 ван действий!
This van shows that it is widely capable of... The russian original youtube is: "Рыбацкий бухлобус (от слова буханка)": http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=k8eZgxy8WxI&feature=related . Get it: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ujtmggjr2mt . ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Esta fragoneta UAZ muestra de lo que es capaz... ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Die van zeigt, dass sie in der lage ist... ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Ван свидетельствует о том, что он способен.

UAZ 452 im Schlamm
Offroadausflug mit meinem UAZ beim 2. UAZ-Treffen vom 30.04. bis 02.05.2010 an den Gegensteinen in Ballenstedt / Harz

УАЗ Буханка Тюнинг кузова
Тюнинг кузова автомобиля УАЗ Буханка. Tuning the car body UAZ Loaf.

Дискавери 3 против УАЗ

Hummer H2 - The Greatest Off-Road Experience! (Part 8 of 9)
In a Hummer H2 in the Cleveland National Forest OHV Trail just north of the US-Mexico Border in Southern California. It took 3 hours to travel approximately through 3 miles of treacherous terrain... over rocks, through mud, etc. It was an experience of a lifetime. We got stuck a few times where I even locked up the car and pondered leaving the forest on foot and hiring some sort of Helicopter Service or airlift out of there. The emotions were very high and very low. Through some major stress, we figured out how to get out of each mess that we got ourselves into. We were inexperienced off-roaders who made every mistake in the book. 1.) We did not use the buddy system (e.g., go off-roading with another off-road vehicle) 2.) We did not tell our families where we were going 3.) We did not pre-scout the trail so we could be better prepared and 4.) We did not remove the side-steps from the Hummer. They eventually got crushed into the belly of the Hummer. All-in-all, we lucked out and were able to figure out each predicament we got ourselves into using our knowledge of math, the ability to think logically, and the fact that we were in a Hummer. I believe it is GM's best built vehicle, a true beast. Hooray for American Ingenuity! By the Way, Part 8 represents our most difficult task.

RC NSK Offroad 2 - Defender 90, Hummer H2, Wraith, Honcho
Еще много интересного видео - More video http://www.youtube.com/user/wilimovich Наш форум, Новосибирск! http://www.rc54.ru/forum/viewforum.php?f=15 Land Rover Defender 90 Chassis - Axial SCX10 Body - Defender D90 Motor - Axial 55T ESC - Novak Eiger Tires - Rock Creepers 1.9 Winch - Bulldog 9300XT Radio System - Futaba 4PL Bat - Turnigy Nano-Tech 5800mAh Axial SCX10 - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (Kit) Motor&ESC: Novak Timbuk2 18.5T System Pin: 20 Spur: 87 Bat - Turnigy Nano-Tech 6000mAh Radio System - Futaba 4PL Topcad Gelande - Land Rover Defender 90 ESC - Hobbywing Xtreme Stock 60A Motor - Sensorless Brushless, 17t, 2600 kv Bat - Turnigy Nano-Tech 5300mAh Hammer H2 - Handmade chassis Weight 4 kg Axle - Axial; Tires - Mickey Thompson 1.9 Baja Claw; Transmission - Axial; Motor&ESC combo - Novak Goat 3S Crawler Brushless System 21.5T; Radio System - Futaba 4PL 4-Channel 2.4GHz S-FHSS Bat - Turnigy 2s LiPo 5800 mah Gear Reduction HPI - 1:7.4 ratio; Pin - 24; Spur - none.


hummer h2 - suzuki vitara off road greece 05-12-2009

Hummer H2 in the snow field in Moscow, Russia in winter 2008
Hummer H2 in the snow field in Moscow, Russia in winter 2008

Range Rover vs Hummer H2

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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