Chaparral 2J in garage

Chaparral 2J (sucker car) warming up engines in garage

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Supercars greatest collection in 8mins.......2011 GoodWood Festival of Speed
GoodWood Festival of speed, collection of cars ever! hardly ever been happier!!! Can anyone name all the cars in this video?

2J starting fan engine
starting the Chaparral 2J's fan engine and letting it warm up

Chaparral 2J @ 2005 Monterey Historics
Demonstration laps of the Chaparral 2J driven by Vic Elford during the 2005 Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca. The 2J had two fans at the rear driven by a snowmobile engine to evacuate air from beneath the car, sucking the car to the road. In the video you can hear the snowmobile engine over the bass note of the Chevy V8. Phil Hill & Jim Hall are driving two of the other Chaparrals.

GT6 : High Rollers Ep.8 - Chaparral 2J
Episode eight of "High Rollers", the review series for Gran Turismo 6 wherein I will be reviewing the most expensive classics that GT6 credits can buy! This episode features the iconic, oddball and overwhelmingly fast Chaparral 2J "Fan-Car", which can dominate much newer machines around almost any racing circuit... __________ Specs (Fully Tuned) : Year : 1970 PP : 710 Motor : 7.6 litre, turbocharged Power : 1040 bhp @ 7,000rpm Torque : 790 lb/ft @ 6,500rpm Weight : 821 kgs P/W Ratio : 1267 bhp/tonne Price : 4,500, Detailed interior : Semi-detailed Paintable : No Good stuff : Almost unbeatable on virtually any track Not so good : Nothing really... __________ Vine : Hammer Studios Gaming Personal FB : mike.hamer.311 Official FB : Twitter : @CORRUPTED_DISC IG : Hammer_Studios_Gaming FightMe App : Hammer Studios Gaming Google+ : Hammer Studios Gaming PSN : CORRUPTED_DISC XBL : CORRUPTED DISC GTPlanet : CORRUPTEDDISC Outtro music :