F100 408c Cleveland Borla XR-1's and no X-pipe rev up

Replaced the Spin Techs with Borla XR-1's and this is the result. A lot less rasp and a deeper sound.

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Ford XR Falcon - Australian TV commercial
Commercial for the XR Falcon, described as "Mustang-bred". Effectively, just the 1966 US Falcon, with a different grille and right-hand drive...

Haddad Race Cars & Engines XR Falcon Shoot
turbo XR Ford Falcon built by Haddad Race Cars & Engines shoot for Australian Auto Kulture

ford falcon xr tuff burnout
crazy burnout tuff burnout

Tyre Marks - Ford XR utes
After missing out on a gig with Top Gear Australia, Dave and I thought it might be fun to do our own car reviews. We may even do some more...