F100 408c Cleveland Borla XR-1's and no X-pipe rev up

Replaced the Spin Techs with Borla XR-1's and this is the result. A lot less rasp and a deeper sound.

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Ford F100 Lightning with CHI headed 408 Cleveland walk around
Just a walk around of my truck in race form before the last two races of the year.

Borla XR-1 Test
Tried my new 3" Borla XR-1s on my friends truck with a built 400 to see how they'd sound. The video does not do it justice.

81 F100 burn em down
81 F100, just a little 351W stroked to 427, AFR 185's, perf rpm cam, perf rpm intake, WC T5, 3.50 gear in 9in, out for a little burnout action

F150 with Borla XR 1 cold start
borla xr-1, magnacharger, f-150