ford escort xr3i

for some reason my car revs up 2 2000 and then drops

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Ford Escort XR3i 0-190km/h [HD]
top speed and fast acceleration with a 1989 Ford Escort XR3i Performance: 1.6l 102HP at 6000 rpm top speed 186km/h, acceleration 0-100 km/h in 9,9s - I know the cosworth is faster If you like this video, please visit my youtube channel for electric & hybrid cars, sound, drive & grip, acceleration and top speed test videos, american muscle cars, classic cars and much more. or subscribe

0 a 100 Escort XR3 2.0i 1993
O AUDIO ESTA ATRASADO, podem ver que o ponteiro demora pra sair do lugar apos os pneus cantarem, isso ocorreu apos EDIÇÃO DO VIDEO, no cronometro deu 9.4 segundos.

Ford escort xr3i 0-100

Escort MK4 CC XR3 1.8 orig. na Dyno'sRace Vel. Final no painel
220km/h de final no dinamometro da Dyno'sRace