H22 vs. VR6


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H22 vs. VR6
Me vs. my friend's VR6 Jetta

3rd gear pull in my EG HB H22 6psi to 170mph.
Proving to my friend Sergio that 170mph is possible in a Honda on a 2 way street.The outcome,I scared the shit out of him which is why you hear him screaming to slow down.

1,6l DOHC VTEC vs 2,8l VR6
EJ2 Mods. AEM Cai, OEM JDM ITR Exh.Header 100Cpsi Cat, Skunk2 Catback, Fidanza Flywheel, Exedy Stage 1, B16A2 Stock Internal Over 178HP Golf3 VR6 Bigger Intake Manifold, Bigger Trothle Body, Empty Car, Lightwheight :D 183HP

Honda Civic Hatchback with H22A vs 40th anniversary mustang
(PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS) At the track and asked a guy in a 40th anniversary Mustang if he wanted to run the 1/8 mile track. I have a stock H22A (witch is a DOHC VTEC motor from a 95 prelude) in my hatchback civic. you have to watch to see who wins