Hovic GT35r 07 Sti

On this Saturday October 31st, me and my Subaru family travel to Agile Automotive to watch our good friend Hovic get his 2007 Sti Tuned. It has a freshly broken in 257 with Malhe Pistons, rotated 35r and literately Too many other mods to list. A normal Dyno vid wouldn't be like this but he doesn't hold his cars for long so I consider this as a memory when he sells it. * All pulls made on 93 pump* ... ATTN: Car is Sold Already. Songs are from were I get majority of my instrumentals from- SoundClick.com (Beats/Instrumentals) or search the artist Mister KA and look for "Throwdown" is the 1st song and the second song is from a artist Epik The Dawn and is called "Now Look"

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IAG Performance STI Closed Deck Testing
IAG Performance and Prime Motoring built 2006 Subaru STI. Video footage during a track day rental at Atco Raceway in New Jersey October, 13th 2015. On a mission to break the stock STI 6 speed record, C.J. Cynak's V8 Bait STI runs a 8.90 at a blistering 164mph. This was the first and only full pass of the day. After some safety equipment upgrades, look for this STI to break even more records. Follow: http://www.facebook.com/iagperformance http://www.facebook.com/primemotoring http://www.facebook.com/v8bait http://www.facebook.com/p&lmotorsports http://www.facebook.com/offthelineperformance http://www.facebook.com/beanfab http://www.facebook.com/driveshaftshop http://www.facebook.com/manleyperformance http://www.facebook.com/jrtuned http://www.facebook.com/cobbtuning Modifications: IAG Closed Deck Block w Manley Crank / Rods and IAGs Custom Manley Pistons IAG CNC Race Heads with BC 280s, Manley Valve Train IAG TGV Deletes - Rails - Lines and AOS KillerB Pan - Pickup - Tray OTL SurgeTank with MagnaFuel big pump ID2000s BeanFab Fwd Face TKit and FMIC with 3" IC pipes FP Super99 turbo CompClutch P&L Triple Disk P&L Front and Rear Drag brakes DSS Front and Rear Level 5s 27" DOT Drag Radials COBB AP v3 with COBB EBCS and COBB MAP adapter with AEM 5bar Jrtuned on Speed Density Jr Driven Notes: STOCK Intake Manifold STOCK Throttle Body STOCK 2007 6SPD STOCK Rear STOCK Suspension with Springs AC and PS deleted because of the Tkit. http://www.iagperformance.com

alcoolaid's 07 STI - 574WHP/502WTQ
Fully built 2.5L EJ257 29psi on 94 octane and 70/30 meth injection 574WHP/502WTQ SAE Corrected 596WHP/522WTQ Uncorrected Maxwell Power Tuned (www.getadomtune.com)

Dave's 2006 WRX STI GT35R 0-100 20 PSI conservative tune
My 2006 WRX STI GT35R 0-100mph in about 10 seconds, built everything from the ground up myself. Parting the project soon so i might as well have a little fun before she comes all back apart. In this vid im probably pushing around 350-365 whp and 350 torque on CA 91 oct. Hoping that i can keep her so lets see what happens... enjoy! Current MODS: Perrin rotated GT35r .82 hotside Perrin front mount Intercooler Perrin BIGMAF intake Deaschwerk 850cc injectors Cobb Accessport v2 with LC and FFS Tune by myself ACT XTG6 6 puck clutch AEM 3.5 Bar sensor + cobb adapter fully built motor including cp forged pistons, eagle rods, acl main and rod bearings, cosworth high pressure and volume oil pump, gates racing timing belt, cometic head gaskets, all built be me in my garage lol A lot of soda, reading on nasioc+cobbforums+iwsti+GOOGLE, cussing groaning and bitching... the works lol

543whp 93oct 35r STI vs R34 Skyline GTR V-Spec
I know this was not a fair race but how many people get to race a R34 Skyline on US roads? The skyline had headwork and cams, stock turbos, and some bling.