Stock '74 VW Bug Drag Race

I took my completely stock 1974 vw bug to the NW VW Bug in at Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn Oregon and raced in the Sportsmans class. This was my very first run on the track that day.

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air cooled type 1 vw bug, Panama's 2006, 2007 GT2 champ, invited to RED BULL'S F1 show at calle 50 in 2007

Classic VW BuGs How to Install Volks Multi-Piece Beetle Headliner Pt.1 of 6 This is a 6 parts series on How to Install a Multi-Piece Headliner for 1963 and earlier VW Beetles. These videos are also on my site in one spot for viewing convenience.

VW beetle 0-60 15 seconds 1600 2 port engine
my VW Beetle classic with a single carb 2 port 1600 accelerating from node to 140km/hr in less than 55 seconds .. amazing solid piece of machine . car is to be overhauled soon so I thought some little adventure wouldn't hurt anyone. car located in Egypt. Super beetle 1973

Bad A$$ VW Bug
My buddy built a VW Bug that does under 12 seconds in the quarter mile. Enjoy