Pontiac G8 GT vs Taurus SHO

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2011 SHO vs 2009 G8 GT
2011 SHO vs 2009 G8 GT

Pontiac G8 GT, Trans Am, Ford SHO, Z06, SRT8 Challenger 0-60mph Compilation

Taurus SHO vs Chevy SS! (Test And Tune)
If you wanna see more hit the subscribe button and also hit the like button! Helps my channel grow! Tune by : Livernois Motorsports! https://gyazo.com/9280cc3e2cffbfd2ba064e5c7c95bfd0 (Screenshot of all 3 of my times. The right one is vs the SS.) Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsWolfee Twitch.tv: www.twitch.tv/itswolfeeyt/profile

300c SRT8 vs. Taurus SHO & G8 GT (BUSTED)
Yet another great night in Mexico. To the SHO owner, he wants a rematch. This was some of last weeks footage and some of this week. More come.