Pontiac G8 GT vs Taurus SHO

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2011 SHO vs 2009 G8 GT
2011 SHO vs 2009 G8 GT

Bolt on G8 vs Taurus SHO
Mods are full Exhaust, UDP, Vararam intake, RCR intake manifold, 3.45 gears, FAP tune SHO mods are intake, catback, tune

Boss 302 Vs. Taurus SHO

2011 FORD SHO vs 5.7L charger
8/2011 Before LIVERNOIS TUNE I did beat 5.7 HEMI even with the safety guy holding me at the line. sorry my old lady is not that good at filming you hear her say "he won" (that's me) 100mph SHO& 13.9 sec. the HEMI 95MPH AT 15.1SEC.