Powercruise 23 IH8FDS

Following IH8FDS on Friday morning Powercruise 23 Eastern Creek

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IH8FDS stupid drunken skid in the garage!
bros mate and the beast

IH8FDS vk drive in. Mint blue meanie
IH8FDS vk Brock commodore (blue meanie) sounds phat.

323 Turbo rotary @ powercruise 2010
Cruising with Andrew in my 500hp 323. Boost was reduced to 17psi, but was still a handfull. 2nd, 3rd & 4th gear bursts .210kph only about 1/2 way down the straight (track speed limits prevented full speed all the way). Great fun. This is a full street legal car. Taken by nokia 6610 phone.

OTC 355 powercruise
OTC 355