Update - 1987 Pontiac Trans Am Project

Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RamblinAroundTV I just thought I'd show you the progress that we've made on the 1987 Trans Am project. Jordan spent hours buffing the paint out with rubbing compound and then wax. It definitely looks a whole lot better already. He also put a quick coat of paint on the spoiler and touched up some of the silver on the nose. We changed the oil and filter, put in some fresh gas, and it seems to be running really well. I hope you find it interesting...thanks for watching!

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Oh Deer - 1987 Trans Am Project Update Number Two
Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RamblinAroundTV I thought I'd give you another update on the 1987 Pontiac Trans Am project. This week, we have some good news and some bad news. We hit a little stumbling block, when a deer decided to jump on the hood of the car. We're still moving forward though, and we'll have everything sorted out shortly. Thanks for watching!

Trans Am Project Update and Road Test - 357 V8 Demon 4 BBL
Quite a few of you have been asking for an update on my son's 1987 Pontiac Trans Am, so we thought we better make a video. We've just been busy with other things recently, so we haven't done anything to major to it. As you can see though, Jordan has made a few changes and it's still running really well. Thanks for watching along with this project, we appreciate it!

Pontiac Trans Am Big Cam Lopey Idle - Project Car
Jordan wasn't happy with how his car sounded in the last video, so he made a couple of adjustments. He really likes it to have that lopey idle at stoplights. Ignore the door jambs, he's painting those next...kind of going in reverse order there. Thanks for watching!

13 '80s Muscle Cars Every Car Guy Should Know About //
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